SNT supports its customers with the implementation of the new European Regulation
On 4 August 2020 it was published in Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation (2020/1149) a new restriction, with the aim of improving the protection and safety of all those working with products of diisocyanates and mixtures containing these chemical compounds at a total concentration of free monomer exceeding 0.1% by weight.
By 24 August 2023, all users of diisocyanates (catalysts and derivatives) will need to undergo appropriate training and certification. This training will enable all users of these products to:

  1.   Know the risk to which they are exposed;
  2.   Adopt the necessary security and security measures;
  3.  Dramatically decrease the likelihood of developing health problems, especially respiratory sensitization.
On training
Currently, the training is carried out online and coordinated by the European Association of Producers of Polyols and Diisocyanates (ISOPA-ALIPA). Three levels of training were defined according to risk exposure. Users of diisocyanates shall select the most appropriate training for their work:Link.
As this type of product is mostly spray-applied, the most appropriate training for our customers should be: 003 Spraying in a ventilated booth, open mixtures, cleaning and waste - European Diisocyanates and Polyols Producers Association (ISOPA) (
SNT, taking into account its internal policies of safety and environmental responsibility, has been implementing in its products with diisocyanates, namely catalysts and derivatives, alternatives with low content of free monomer.
In case of doubt, SNT undertakes to facilitate all support and clarification to its customers about the need to carry out this training. More information on this subject can be consulted here