S.N.T - Sociedade Nortenha de Tintas, founded in 1994, began its activity in the civil engineering and metalworking segment through the creation of its own brand - "Tintas vip"

SNT - Sociedade Nortenha de Tintas, Lda founded in 1994 by Fernando Pires, began its activity in the Civil Engineering and Metalworking segment through the creation of its own brand - ” TINTAS VIP”

In 2008, strategically taking advantage of the change in the macroeconomic context, SNT sells its brand "Tintas Vip", specialising in the segment of Furniture and Woodworking.

At present, SNT holds a strong presence throughout the country and has a significant number of customers in which 85% of them are exporters.

In early 2016, the Metalworking segment was retaken, taking advantage of all the know-how previously acquired.

In this sense, an exclusive partnership was established with Inver Valspar, one of the largest companies in the world producing Powder Coatings for the Metalworking industry.

Also in 2016 SNT carried out renovation works to comply with all mandatory fire safety requirements, namely: the installation of fire doors, retention tanks, automatic skylight openers, foam hose reels, among others.

SNT has a team consisting of 47 employees, occupying an indoor area of 5000 m2, with a special emphasis on a well equipped laboratory, with an area of 400 m2 and a team of nine technicians, among which: chemical engineers, colourists and applicators.

In 2017 we established: a Line to develop and test UV curing products and a pressurized paint booth, which has allowed us to provide technical training in our facilities to customers, who request so. To date, we have had very positive feedback from them.

The development of the company and the accomplishment of the objectives have been possible by the investment in professionals of excellence and in the continuous internal and external training; with the permanent exchange of technical information and advice.

We are a company aware of the market demands and we believe that close and reliable relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, are undoubtedly the key to our success, based on our expertise amassed over 25 years.

Only with this degree of commitment and the right business strategy have we been able to consolidate our position in the market and obtain with great satisfaction the PME Excelência 2016 award (SME Excellence 2016).
We are a trusted partner in business and innovative solutions!

A trusted partner in business and innovative solutions! 


SNT is the exclusive representative of the leading brand:  Inver Valspar in the Metalworking segment.